Kung Fu

Many people wonder or ask, what exactly is kung fu? The easy short answer would be, it’s just a Chinese martial art that teaches self defense. And that’s true too, however kung fu can be anything that requires hard work to achieve a skill or attribute, where the need to practice is inevitable. In the end, kung fu is just a term referencing the hard work behind the foundation of each practice. There are many different styles of kung fu, all passed down from family lineages of the ancient times. There are long-fist styles like Choy Le Fut, which have a lot of spinning attacks keeping distance from the opponent, and close range trapping styles with Wing Chun, which teaches close range distance with short powerful strikes. There are hundreds of different styles, and Shaolin kung fu is considered to be the origins of them all. Embedded with many hidden ancient techniques. This type of journey into the kung fu practice detaches from society, as if they are far off at a retreat with absolutely no communication or interference from the outside world. A Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner is a very peaceful but yet dangerous individual who can unleash a magical blend of punches, kicks, and elbows. All at will when needed with incredible speed and amazing agility due to the way they train. There are still many other kung fu styles being taught all around the world and Shaolin kung fu is the father of them all.

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