Born Tough Crucial Duffel Bag Review

I’ve had to purchase at least one gym bag each year do to the extreme conditions I end up putting them through. From the different styles of martial arts, and all the backyard street workouts, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m extremely rough with my gear. After spending so much money on the last gym bag that failed, I decided to go with something built much stronger. The Born Tough Crucial Duffel Bag is, and has been, the most durable bag I’ve ever owned! It’s comes with a huge main pocket compartment big enough to hold several wardrobe changes, whether it be to switch from my day job, or back and forth to beast-mode. There are huge side pocket compartments on each side, both with a cool, hidden, outside cup-holding feature, designed for sneakers, shoes or whatever you can fit in there. I’ve been jamming my huge work boots in and out of these pockets every night with no problem. The grips on this bag are insane, I can carry it from different angles, as well as use the comfortable shoulder strap it comes with. It’s designed for the grab and go lifestyle which is perfect for me. All the pockets open and close with ease, which is a huge plus, allowing quick access when it’s needed. There are at least seven internal pockets that come with a strong zipper equipped with an accessible grip. There are also extra big pockets inside the main compartment in which I’m able to place sweaty, or wet clothes keeping them separate from dry, clean clothes. This bag would be perfect for any law enforcement official as it has many compartments for weapons or anything tactical. Words can’t describe how much I love this bag, it gets 5 out of 5 stars all day! A great product at a great price; I look forward to checking out all the other gear Born Tough has to offer.