Cryptocurrency Has Entered the World of Martial Arts and Combat Sports

Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash

Full Disclaimer: This message is not financial advise as we are not financial advisors. The information in this publication is for entertainment purposes only.

2021 has been quite an interesting year for retail investors, especially in the cryptocurrency space, and with new projects launching everyday, it becomes difficult to keep up with the projects that stand to endure the test of time. As time passes, many cryptocurrency’s become more successful through adaptation as well as the growth that comes with being able to adapt into what is popular, and what brings real utility. Part of that growth involves reaching a different community not familiar with investing into cryptocurrency’s in general. At the time of this writing, only a small percentage of the world, about 5% per global statistics, are actually invested into cryptocurrency, which means we are still extremely early within every community. I myself learned about cryptocurrency in 2019, and I can give that credit to a professional MMA fighter named Funky Ben Askren. I started following the Funky one on Instagram when he joined the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and since then it has sent me down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. At the time, hardly anyone was openly talking about cryptocurrency; however, Ben made it clear that he was, and still is, a big believer in Bitcoin.

Since then, one of the major cryptocurrency projects that have gone mainstream,, has dived head first into the MMA community, becoming the first official cryptocurrency platform partner for an MMA promotion, the UFC. The UFC is by far the biggest and most popular MMA promotion, which is why we’ve been seeing’s logo on the apparel of every fighter as well as their teammates. No other project, in my opinion, has created such an impactful marketing strategy. During the walkout before every UFC fight, during every UFC event, for the next few years, we will be seeing the logo, and that’s only the beginning for them. Many MMA fans that had no clue what cryptocurrency was, now do, and that slowly spreads the awareness further out, reaching potential new retail investors.

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

Another great strategy in reaching new cryptocurrency investors was done by Saitama, one of the more recent cryptocurrency projects. Saitama, who at the time of this publication, is less than a year old with already almost 300k holders, printed their name onto the back of the shorts of a popular professional boxer, Gervonta Tank Davis. Davis, being the current lightweight champion, retained his WBA lightweight title while wearing the Saitama branded shorts during a boxing event which aired on Showtime in December, 2021. Many boxing fans from around the world had no idea what Saitama was, but now do, which also helps spread the awareness of other cryptocurrency’s in general.

I personally like the direction several new projects are taking, especially the ones that are now implementing a martial arts theme behind their story. I love martial arts with a passion so anything having to do with martial arts will immediately grab genuine attention from me. One in particular cryptocurrency which recently caught my attention was a very new project called TARP (Totally A Rug Pull). The website in itself was entertaining as well as impressive with a YouTube promo on the front page giving everyone a quick summary of what TARP is. The promo video displayed a cool martial arts theme narrating their mission story, and their story, by the way, happens to be a good one! The people behind this project have a YouTube channel for cryptocurrency news, reviews and technical analysis. The dev team has a great reputation when it comes to absolutely everything you need to know about cryptocurrency. I found out about TARP while engaged in a “Shiba Inu Coin” YouTube livestream by content creator Chad Reddings. TARPS major mission : “fighting off rug pulls”, which is a term used in the cryptocurrency world when projects turn out to be scams, phrasing them the term, rug pull. I’m absolutely loving the direction in where this project is going as its still in it’s early stages already holding massive gaining potential!

This is just one of many great projects emerging as what I am now starting to call, a “martial arts token”, and my plan is to make the martial arts community more aware of cryptocurrency in general. Having cryptocurrency a martial artist or combat sports practitioner can relate to will be ideal, as well as help the project gain more notoriety from these types of communities. In the future I will be diving deeper into some of these newer projects, the ones that swing swords as well as have some type of utility. Expect more publications with cryptocurrency’s getting involved with martial arts and combat sports altogether; until then, keep practicing, keep investing, and HODLE!