MMA Frequency NFT’s Are Now Available

Minting is now live on the Ethereum blockchain for the MMA Frequency NFT collection. This is the first batch of the 10,000 unique, hand drawn, martial arts inspired characters which will be pegged as a collectable to this website. This first drop has a supply that is vey limited due to the Ethereum gas fees, however, additional characters will be minted each week until the entire collection has been minted and readily available on OpenSea. These are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens with a floor price starting at 0.01 ETH. This collection stands by itself as there are several different races (Samurai, Assassins, Hooded, Beasts, Nemesis, and Gear) creating more unique rarities among the collection. There is also a belt ranking system for one of the rarest races (Gear), which includes disciplines for Karate, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The blackbelts of any discipline will be the rarest of the entire collection. All artwork and design, aside from the backgrounds, are original, manifested by yours’s truly, using a Gaomon graphics tablet. I also was able to launch the smart contract myself, with the help from a content creator named HashLips.

Purchasing an MMA Frequency NFT not only helps support the website and its growth, but also promotes martial arts awareness, bringing more eyes to all combat sports worldwide. The income from the sales of the NFT’s will fund the websites future developments, granting more content, as well as engaging more with the martial arts community. For many young athletes, combat sports has become the only way to feed their families, and if people aren’t tuning in, most fighters aren’t going to get paid enough to sustain. Promoting martial arts will help fighters get paid what they deserve, and that’s what you will be supporting when you purchase an MMA Frequency NFT. If you would like to purchase your very own MMA Frequency NFT, please click here,