Since a young child martial arts has always been a passion; more than just throwing punches and kicks, it’s a lifestyle where one will take every opportunity to grow, learn or progress in a greater skill.

Who Is MMA Frequency?

We are a Wing Chun lineage who studied under Grandmaster John Melillo and Sifu Jon Linder. After the opportunity to learn Wing Chun presented itself, I became obsessed with mastering the art. I took my very first official Wing Chun class in 1998 and since then iv’e never stopped learning. Before signing up for Wing Chun I attended a kung fu academy for almost a year, where they taught a long-fist style called Choi Le Fut. Before Choi Le Fut I took a free two week training at the University Karate Center where they taught an art called Mudokai. Before Mudokai I gritted through two wrestling seasons for the high school I attended. I remember while walking to school, I would practice spinning kicks on the high branches as I aimed at the leaves. Learned this from the countless kung fu flicks I used to watch. When i went to the arcade I would always play Street Fighter 2 only so I can study Ken and Ryu’s kicks. Now, presently, after learning Wing Chun I’ve grown very fond of jiu jitsu.

Iv’e completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training thereby combining the teaching and fundamentals of yoga with martial arts. Promoting all martial arts and acknowledging all warriors, especially the one’s who engage in battle, is the goal. Since the Corona virus pandemic, we have been forced to stay home in quarantine, exercising social distancing regulations. Most of us have been unable to work and are unable to provide as providers anymore. With all the extra time on our hands, we’ve decided to promote the sport of mixed martial arts, since MMA is the only sport making history right now by showcasing events. The UFC promotion in particular has been leading the way in taking all the risks, being the first ones to do it, and in doing so it has given the world some needed entertainment during these times of uncertainty. Thanks to COVID-19, nobody really knows what’s going to happen next, especially with employment, however if the UFC was my employer I would be feeling very optimistic to say the least. The multiple, spectacular events they have showcased, allowed me to create more content continuing to promote mixed martial arts around the globe. We aspire to create enough genuine content to attract as many visitors as possible, to be able to fulfill the dream in making this site into a full time job. 2020 has provided a different kind of opportunity where we can focus on what we can create, rather than worry about what is being lost. Thankful I’ve been a die hard fan of the UFC brand since their first show in 1993; we have an intimate relationship and without them there would be no website. We as in me, myself, and I, along with the my chihuahua Skylar, will continue to promote the amazing sport we love, of mixed martial arts.