Marshall Rogan Inu Anyone?

It has recently come to my attention that a group of developers created a crypto currency token, Marshall Rogan Inu (MRI), named after the dog of the legendary podcaster and fight commentator, Joe Rogan. First and foremost, Joe Rogan is legend when it comes to this page, and secondly, anything that’s alive, owned by Joe Rogan is also legend. Now with all that being said, why the name Marshall Rogan Inu? Well, the developers of the meme token saw the hype that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu created, so according to them, Joe Rogan’s dog would get the attention of the meme coin investors, as well as the MMA community. Is Marshall Rogan Inu just a meme coin, or is it more? I’m not a financial advisor, and the information you are about to digest is for educational purposes only.

Does the Marhsall Rogan Inu native token, MRI, have any utility; I mean what does MRI actually do? It’s my understanding if you invest in their native token you’re investing in professional fighters; the message below is a direct quote from their website, which at the time of this publication, is currently undergoing an update:

We provide “monetary donations” to fighters so that each fighter has a better opportunity to compete at a professional level. Fighters should not have to worry about the costs of training camps, injuries, bills, etc.

That sounds pretty intriguing to me, and I’m nowhere close to being a professional fighter, so I can only imagine how it sounds to the actual fulltime fighters on a roster. Many of these athletes who fight professionally are struggling to make ends meet, having to keep up with paying their gyms, coaches, training camps, as well as providing for those that have families depending on them. Any life raft would help a drowning sailor as long as it floats and this case MRI appears to be doing just that. If you’re curious about how the MRI token works in connection to the fighters receiving these monetary donations you can visit their Twitter page, which will give you the information on their website which is currently being updated. All the useful information, such as Roadmap, Tokenomics and Fightpaper, are available, broken down structured in a way where even a newbie investor will understand. Their contract address is 0x0913ddae242839f8995c0375493f9a1a3bddc977 if you’d like to check them out on the Etherscan, as well as run their contract through Token Sniffer.

On Saturday, March 5, 2022, at UFC 272 in Paradise, Nevada, many of the fighters such as Colby Covington and Bryce Mitchell, gave a shoutout to Marshall Rogan Inu during their post fight speech. The interesting part of that entire night was all the fighters that gave Marshall Rogan Inu a shoutout, were being interviewed by none other than the legend himself, Joe Rogan. Although Rogan kept his poker face throughout each interview, I can only imagine what was going through his mind, hearing the fighters give a shoutout to his dog.

If you go on Marshall Rogan Inu’s Twitter, you will witness the amount of support this team has been showing fighters from all around the world. Seeing all the well known professional fighters giving MRI a shoutout on their page was also a good look creating a positive sentiment within their community. Will Marshall Rogan Inu take its investors to the moon? Myself nor anyone else would be able to answer that one, but eventually time will tell just like any other project one chooses to invest in. My only advice is don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, on any project, and always take some profits when the opportunity presents itself.