Say Hello to the WhiteboardCrypto Club

Photos (and Cover) by Whiteboard Crypto on YouTube(Click Here to Watch WhiteboardCrypto Club YouTube Video)

Full Disclaimer: This message is not financial advise as we are not financial advisors. The information in this publication is for entertainment purposes only.

Ever since I started learning about cryptocurrency, it seams like there’s more and more to uncover, making the learning process very frustrating. There really isn’t a registered, or accredited school of crypto, where the average guy like myself can take a few courses, and learn a few things. Like anyone else, I journeyed through many YouTube channels, watched hundreds of videos, and began to fill my head with an influx of scattered information. YouTube began to see the sudden change in interests, picked up my algorithm, and began placing more crypto related videos onto my feed. One beautiful sunny day, while scrolling through YouTube, I noticed a video called “What is a Blockchain” by a very unique, and interesting channel called WhiteboardCrypto. They have a very cool style the way they explain everything with an animated visual of the actual lesson, which is also in the most basic terms, making it possible for just about anyone to understand. It’s like crypto for the dummiest of the dummies, and that’s no pun intended to anyone, I myself fall under the category of the dumbest when it comes to a blockchain. I personally love the animation, feels just like watching Saturday morning cartoons from when i was a kid. Great cartoons added to very basic explanations is always a win win for me, and nowadays it’s hard to sit through a training video to learn about something you know nothing about. After enrolling in the WhiteboardCrypto Club, all I’ve had to do is click play, watch, and learn, to be steps ahead in this ruthless, forgive less game of cryptocurrency.

Lately, people have been coming to me with crypto related questions, ones I couldn’t answer before but can answer now, and it feels great being able to know what the hell I’m talking about. It not only feels great, but it’s also empowering having this added awareness, especially in todays society, which is heavily filled with spammers and scammers. If you’re new to crypto, or even if you have experience, WhiteboardCrypto Club is the perfect place to up your game, and increase your knowledge when it comes to cryptocurrency. I’ve gained so much knowledge learning from their training videos that I had to write this story, and share to the world how great WhiteboardCrypto Club really is! These guys never reached out to me, nor did they pay me to write this publication, I genuinely feel more people should be made aware about this club; the lessons are priceless. The more people know about crypto and how it actually works, the more it adapts into our society providing more opportunities for everyone. When the community is strong it builds wealth that is heard around the world. Learning about blockchain technology has never been this easy, or this fun and that’s all thanks to clubs like this.

Check out this great Defi for beginners video by Whiteboard Crypto; click on the image below!