Marshall Rogan Inu Anyone?

It has recently come to my attention that a group of developers created a crypto currency token, Marshall Rogan Inu (MRI), named after the dog of the legendary podcaster and fight commentator, Joe Rogan. First and foremost, Joe Rogan is legend when it comes to this page, and secondly, anything that’s alive, owned by Joe…

MMA Frequency NFT’s Are Now Available

Minting is now live on the Ethereum blockchain for the MMA Frequency NFT collection. This is the first batch of the 10,000 unique, hand drawn, martial arts inspired characters which will be pegged as a collectable to this website. This first drop has a supply that is vey limited due to the Ethereum gas fees,…

Say Hello to the WhiteboardCrypto Club

Full Disclaimer: This message is not financial advise as we are not financial advisors. The information in this publication is for entertainment purposes only. Ever since I started learning about cryptocurrency, it seams like there’s more and more to uncover, making the learning process very frustrating. There really isn’t a registered, or accredited school of…

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