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What exactly does it mean to meditate, and why do so many martial artist around the world do it. Meditation is not so easily explained. Matter of fact, there really is no exact definition for it. One can describe it as a practice, like awareness training, and there are so many different ways to practice. It might sound complicated to some, but it usually starts with just simple breathing and the awareness of each breath taken, which can be done almost anywhere. Most people throughout the day don’t even realize they are breathing. Stopping to take that moment, to acknowledge each breath, is probably the most powerful thing anyone can do to gain awareness. What exactly is awareness and how can one benefit from it? Sometimes that depends on who you are and what you fight for. If you are a prize fighter, and the base of your income relies on you winning fights, then maybe you might want to gain more awareness on defending yourself. Anyone with more awareness will have an advantage over anyone with less awareness, plain and simple. Does awareness beat skill? Not exactly; you can put awareness into your skills, but you cannot really put skill into your awareness. You either are or you are not; to be, or not to be. To be in the moment during each moment and not be anywhere else. The way our minds wander has evolved our existence into beings that think more than they do. Meditation has been one way proven to stop the mind from wandering. So, how is it done? What are the steps? Find yourself a nice quiet place whether it be in your home or out in nature by the trees or the ocean; under the moon and or stars. Sit yourself down in a position you feel most comfortable which will allow you to have your spine sitting up as if your back was flat against a wall. Close your eyes. Relax the muscles in your face. The wrinkles above your brow, loosen them up. Relax the shoulders, relax the arms, relax the entire body and now gently inhale. Breathe in a large breath and exhale for the same amount of time you inhale. Repeat that breath pattern for five minutes while paying close attention to each breath. Try your best not to think while breathing; if you get lost in thoughts it’s OK, remind yourself to stop thinking and just breath. This is probably the simplest, and one of the most common types of meditation. Proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Meditating every day is not only beneficial to ones health, but is also highly recommended by most medical professionals.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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