MMA Fighters Partnering With Cryptocurrency

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Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, 38W 14L, has recently joined forces with the community driven, cryptocurrency token, Shibnobi (SHINJA). Rampage has been a huge name in the world of mixed martial arts and now he’s publicly dipping his toes into the world of cryptocurrency. The former champion has posted several videos on his Instagram regarding Shibnobi and how he feels about the project. In the past year, community driven tokens have proven to be worth the risk as retail investors are starting to pay closer attention to projects when they first launch. Shibnobi is a perfect example as it has been climbing the charts on an upward trajectory since the project was launched in November, 2021. Anyone who invested early on Shibnobi made healthy profits, and those who invest into it now stand to gain the same as it appears this is only the beginning for the Shinja clan. The Shibnobi team plans to release their own unique swap application that will allow users to swap cryptocurrency’s across multiple chains. If you’d like to know more about Shibnobi, the team, current stats, price action, and their upcoming projects please click here.

Photo by @rampage4real on Instagram

Current UFC middleweight contender, Ian Heinisch, 14W 5L, has recently partnered with Mandox, a cryptocurrency token formed to bridge the gap between crypto and NFT’s (non-fungible Tokens). Ian made his unofficial debut in a UFC octagon on July 31, 2018, on Dana White’s infamous Contender Series, winning the match in the very first round via KO. Ian then won his official UFC debut on November 17, 2018, via unanimous decision against a tough Cezar Ferreira, 14W 10L. Ian has been appointed as an Ambassador to the Mandox token, which is more than just another crypto currency project, but a movement which will be impactful to the entire world. The middleweight contender becoming an ambassador to a project that’s giving back says a lot about this martial artist. The token has been structured to deduct 2% from every Mandox transaction and redistribute to a separate “mission” wallet. The Mandox team will be using those reflections from the mission wallet to help people in need across the world. If you would like to know more about Mandox, the team, and how they plan to make a huge impact with their mission, please click here.

Photos by @ianheinischmma on Instagram