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What Defines a Martial Artist?

Nowadays, many people study some form of martial arts whether it be Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu, Muay Thai, karate, etc. Does that automatically make the person a “martial artist”? If someone takes endless hours of martial arts, should they consider themselves a martial artist? Is it because they learned how to throw a punch or a…


Unlike most other martial arts, capoeira is a combination of kicks, acrobatics, gymnastics, and music accompanied with slick dance moves. Calisthenics plays a huge role in the muscle and strength development for most capoeiristas, the term used for individuals that practice the art. Most capoeiristas are shredded with hardly any body fat, and the majority…

Shorinji Kempo 少林寺拳法

Shorinji Kempo 少林寺拳法, a Japanese martial art meaning “Shaolin Temple Boxing”, is regarded as being a modified version of Shaolin Kung Fu. The Shorinji Kempo name carries the Kanji characters of Shàolín Quánfǎ. Doshin So (Michiomi Nakano), a Japanese martial artist who lived in China, is credited as the founder of the art. Doshin wanted…