How Can One Astral Project?

People ask all the time if astral projection is real, and if it is, how can one accomplish such a task? Well, let me start by saying it is in fact very real, but it’s not something that just anyone can do. Most of the answers lie on individual experiences from one person to the next, and I am one of those few individuals who’s actually done it, as well as tell you exactly how it can be done. At the end of my story I will share exactly how one can astral project, but before I share my experience, let’s make sure we know what exactly is astral projection. It is what most people think, an out-of-body experience, the soul leaving the physical body and traveling through the astral plane. Yes it sounds crazy and completely unbelievable, however it is something very attainable under the right circumstances. Astral projection has been known to occur within many different ancient cultures, however, my personal experience carries a traditional initiation under a specific culture. When I was a teenager, I was involved in a nearly fatal accident that left me with permanent scars and swelling. My face was literally rearranged in need of being stitched back together, after being slung through a windshield of a crashing vehicle. The many pints of blood that I spilled is still stained in the same spot decades later.

These traditions stem from what is considered to be one of the oldest known spiritual practices called Shamanism. The word Shaman has never really had an agreed translation, however in different cultures it has been translated as “one who knows” or “one who sees”. For the most part, a Shaman is known to be a healer, or a witch doctor, who can enter a state of consciousness that allows him or her to interact with spirits. Astral projection has been a known practice within the Shamanic culture, which places the Shaman in a position to be able to interact with those spirits, in an attempt to heal those that are sick. The Shamanic research I’ve done has led me to believe that there are no such things as accidents. Occurrences like the car crash I was in, are part of the initiation process. According to certain scriptures, Shamans don’t choose to be Shamans, they are chosen. I would not want that task and apparently in ancient cultures no one else wanted it either, however when one survives a near death experience it is considered the offering, a blood sacrifice to the earth.

Anyone that’s gone through what I’ve gone through can agree; some unusual, unexplainable occurrences begin to take place after a near death experience. Lucid dreaming, vivid nightmares, visions of ghosts, voices inside my head as well as nonchalantly speaking in tongue, just to name a few. My mother took me to a neurologist to explain the sleep paralysis I was experiencing, which at the time, no one was able explain. For me personally, my thought process was completely different to where the first question I asked myself after being in a hospital for a few days was, why am alive? If anyone were to see the vehicle I was in, and how it was totally smashed into bits you would not believe someone lived through such an accident. I was merely a passenger riding shotgun with absolutely no control of the situation. The rehabilitation process was beyond physical but mental, for I was just a freshman in high school now having to walk the halls, and go to class for the next 3 years with just half of a face looking like the elephant man. The kids that new me were sympathetic, but never looked at me the same, which kept me in a solitude state throughout my remaining years in school. I was an angry kid with a shaved head carrying a trauma so heavy anyone can feel my presence when I walked into a room. I started teaching myself martial arts in hopes to suppress the anger with the so called discipline that came with it. I even joined a kung fu school, which was the only thing that made me happy at the time. The anger I carried alienated me from all my family as well as friends; everyone thought I was crazy, and apparently, decades later, they still do. The accident happened on June 17, 1993, and we are now in the year 2020. As an adult it is still difficult for me to have any kind of bond or relationship with anyone, as I am still socially awkward, and genuinely don’t know how to communicate on a personal level. I’ve had girlfriends but it’s never lasted more than a year; they’ve all ended the same. I don’t have those five friends you can look at to be able to tell what type of person I am, or what direction in life I’m heading towards, however, I do have one friend since high school, a man named Arun Manic. To this day, Manic has taught me many things about Hinduism, which is a way of life for him and his family, as well as a similar direction in which I’ve have been heading towards. If it wasn’t for Manic, I would not be where I am today in a career that is full of abundance. I am still a loner, a black sheep, self made outcast; the perfect recipe for one to go through a spiritual journey leading to an awakening.

In 1996 I started working at an ice cream shop inside the mall, and that is where I met the man, a young Shaman in training, who taught me how to astral project. At the time I knew nothing about it, nor have I ever heard the word Shaman, but the new employee, a mixed raced man named Michael who was also a martial artist, knew what is was and how it can be done. I don’t recall how the conversation started, or why the subject came up, but this guy had detailed instructions on how to accomplish the unthinkable. He shared the knowledge of how to astral project with me verbally, in which I can recall word for word to this date. Eventually he would quit the job and I never seen him again. Weirdly enough, I didn’t start practicing what he taught me until 1999. Before then, I didn’t know much about meditation except what I learned through martial arts. In order to astral project, one must first learn how to be still and meditate, however this mediation practice was a little bit different with a major side effect. I was told, if done correctly, I would sleep like a rock for more than the average sleep time. In other words, if you are doing the meditation the right way you will know if its working for you will sleep like you are in a coma.

After practicing for one week I remember going to bed on a Friday night, and not waking up until Sunday evening. I slept for almost 48 hours straight! The very next day, Monday night, I astral projected, but without even trying. My mind and body were in tune from the meditations, completely off guard as well as unaware I was ready to accomplish such a task. I was laying on my couch, and suddenly found myself looking at myself as I hovered over my body. At the time I was living in a two-story town home with a roommate named Bobby McGowan, who was in his room, and had no idea what was going on. Bobby is also a good friend from high school, who I still communcate with from time to time. When I astral projected, I didn’t panic nor was I surprised; it’s like I instinctually knew what was happening, so I extended my arms open spread eagle, (like Jesus on a cross) and in doing so I ascended above my home, hovering over my roof. I extended my arms open again, which ascended me higher up into the clouds, and had the view of how it looks when you are about to land from flying on an airplane. Each time I opened my arms spread eagle, I would go higher; it’s like I knew how to fly, but without practicing. I wasn’t taught what to do once I astral projected, I was only given instructions on how to get to phase one, which was actually to be able to leave the body. Once I was in the astral plane, it’s like I already knew how to fly, and there was only one way to go higher. Each time I opened my arms spread eagle I went higher, but when I reached the third level of ascension, which was just above the clouds to where I couldn’t see the ground anymore, I started to feel a slight pain. It felt like an internal pressure that started in my solar plexus as if someone turned on a vacuum inside my stomach. I could feel a negative pressure coming inward starting from my fingertips and toes. I wanted to go higher, so I extended my arms open again, and ascended, finding myself in space hovering over the earth! The earth is not flat by the way, I seen it with my own eyes. That internal pressure-like pain I felt earlier was immensely intensified to where I couldn’t bare it, instinctually letting go, immediately soaring back to earth as my spirit entered back into my body. My body jolted forward as I entered it like a bolt of lightning, and It felt like the way it feels when your leg falls asleep, but throughout my entire body. That ticklish feeling, except it went away within seconds, leaving my heart pounding underneath my chest, as I sat there realizing what I had just done.

I learned how dangerous astral projection can be, for I felt like my soul was about to implode when I went to far. I’m not 100% certain of this, but I feel if you go too far you will die and your physical body will explode in fire. There have been several unsolved mysteries where people were found burned alive, labeled as spontaneous combustion. From my personal experience, I think its just someone that tried to go too far in the astral plane. At the time I didn’t have a purpose for projecting, it was merely recreational. I didn’t see any spirits nor did I hear any voices so I’m still unaware of how a Shaman uses this practice for healing. It’s still all a mystery to me, however there is a reason why I now know how to do it; I just haven’t figured that out. Unfortunately I don’t have any Shaman friends. I sent an e-mail to a well-know Shaman, who’s name I’ll keep confidential, however he never responded, and I wish he did.

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If you have gone through a near death experience then you very well may be one of the few individuals chosen to embark on not only an astral projection journey, but a major spiritual awakening. This isn’t for everyone and this isn’t for no-one. Be mindful if you decide to take a step into the unknown; I can only provide you instructions on how to leave your physical body, the rest will be up to you, as well as this decision being at your full discretion. I cannot be held liable for what occurs within your journey – this is your choice, and your responsibility. Please click below for the specific instructions on how to astral project. If you are not a subscriber to my site you will have to subscribe with a small one-time fee to obtain access. These instructions are valuable as well as considered hidden secrets. If this is your calling you will not regret it. Please do not share this information with anyone else. The instructions are long and very specific, but not impossible. If you have any questions before subscribing please click here. Safe travels for those ready to take the plunge. 🕉

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