Daniel Pineda Is Back Like Cooked Crack

After 6 years of competing outside the octagon, Daniel ‘The Pit’ Pineda, 27W 13L 2NC, returns to the UFC playground, and sets his opponent, Herbert ‘The Blaze’ Burns, on fire with a vicious beatdown from hell. This was not a good night for the Burns family, as Herbert almost died on a crucifix inside the octagon. Pineda started the fight with a nasty right hook landing square on Herbert’s chin, as Herbert showed some heart by returning fire, landing a takedown, and cutting Pineda early in the first round. As the round progressed, Pineda was eventually able to take Herbert down, dominating him on the ground with brutal ground-and-pound before the round ended. In the opening of the 2nd, Herbert immediately took Pineda down, controlling for the beginning of the round, but eventually Pineda would reverse the position, finding himself on top, then into half guard. From there Pineda was able to place Herbert into a crucifix position, which allowed him to start dropping face changing elbows. This was the first time I was able to hear a man grunt in exhaustion mixed with agonizing pain, as Herbert was getting hit with unanswered elbows to the head! Referee Mark Smith had no choice but to jump in to stop Pineda from committing a murder inside the octagon.

Pineda has a total of 42 professional fights with 18 submissions, and 9 knockouts. The Pit does not like to be judged, none of his victories have ever gone the distance, he comes to finish you then perform a FATALITY the way he did to Burns. Pineda appeared to have entered the fight with 2 sole mission objectives: punish his adversary with relentlessly intent, and make Herbert Burns wish he was not locked inside the cage with him. Pineda successfully completed both objectives in style, and in devastating fashion, giving MMA fans an amazing show. Much credit to Herbert who showed everyone why he belonged in there, and was half the reason why this fight was so outstanding. Herbert has an iron chin, and survived some the hardest shots I’ve ever seen land clean on a man.

Pineda’s ground game proved to be at the highest level along with his fight IQ, and gritty toughness. The guy has been fighting for way over a decade, and he just might still be getting better, or just now reaching his prime. Anyone that steps inside the octagon with him is either going to lose, or win after an absolute war, Pineda fights like a hungry dog in need to feed his family. I see Daniel Pineda going up against a ranked opponent before 2020 is over, as the UFC featherweight division just received an old, but new added ingredient tossed in the mix, like it was cooked crack!