Welcome To The Chito Show

UFC Bantamweight fighter, Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera, 16W 6L 1DR, silenced all the doubters last Saturday night (August 15, 2020), when he dismantled UFC rising star, ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley, 12W 1L, at UFC 252 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chito is a certified assassin, and didn’t need much time to show why he belongs at the top of the division, as he was able to finish O’Malley just before the end of the first round. O’Malley was looking sharp, moving in and out of range early on in the round, however after a few leg kick exchanges with Chito, things took a turn for the worst. At exactly 2:54 into the first round, Chito lands a hard leg kick onto O’Malley’s right knee, which didn’t appear to do any damage, however moments after this, his right ankle appeared to roll while taking a step forward, compromising his movements. Chito recognized the faulty leg, as he began to pursue his opponent like a hungry predator. O’Malley still had plenty of fight in him, continuing with offensive attacks, even with the bum leg. Chito was able to defend the attacks, and started to apply his own pressure, eventually causing O’Malley to fall to the ground. Chito saw the meal he was going to take home for his family to eat, laying helplessly on the ground like an injured prey. O’Malley tried to defend from off his back, as Chito easily crouched in taking top position, then started unloading the most vicious, precise elbows I have ever seen, forcing Herb Dean to intervene, and stop the fight. It was a brutal ending to say the least, however both men showed up, put their health on the line, and came to fight.

This loss gives O’Malley his first taste of defeat, as he entered the contest on a 12-fight win streak. All the momentum he had going into this fight is now going to be carried over by Chito, as he steals the spotlight after slaying the dragon, making him the star of what was supposed to be the Sugar Show. This win will move Chito one step closer to into the deep waters of the bantamweight division, which also means we will soon learn if Chito has what it takes to swim with the big sharks. The competition is only going to get a lot harder, coming with more experience, and that’s what brings out the warrior in a lot of these fighters. Chito is one of those fighters, and he has a dog inside of him that’s bigger than anyone he will ever have to face. One thing that’s truly special about Chito is he doesn’t react to smack talk, always stays calm, and has skin thicker than O’Malley’s mom. When he steps inside the cage, he brings that same calmness, but with a murderous intent to kill or be killed, as he’s always looking to finish his opponent, either by knockout or by strangling them to near death. He is a nightmare of a match-up for anyone in the bantamweight division, as well as the featherweight, and I can’t wait for the next ‘Chito Show’, to see who’s the next victim in line for this young beast. Will Marlon Chito Vera reach the top of the bantamweight mountain, and earn himself a UFC title shot? After stopping the young prospect in ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley, its obvious he’s got the balls to do it.