Jon Jones Gives Up The Belt

Photos by @JonnyBones on Twitter

The now former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, 26W 1L 1NC, posted several tweets earlier today, in regards to relinquishing his title. Apparently the former champion was not seeing eye to eye with his employer, and based on his tweets, they might have actually come to terms from one tweet to the next. Jon has been teasing MMA fans for years about going to heavyweight. Whether his intention was genuinely there or not back when he first made mention, its obvious now what Jon Jones really wants. He want’s to be the Greatest of All Time without any doubts, and right now that is Stipe Miocic, 20W 3L. About 3 months ago, before Jon went on his hiatus, he wanted to negotiate a super fight with the current number 1 contender in the UFC’s heavyweight division, Francis Ngannou, 15W 3L. Jon rightly assumed a fight with Ngannou would grant him a huge payday, however the UFC wasn’t going to pay Jon more for moving up in weight. Since then, Jon has not wanted to compete inside the octagon, and the top contenders of the light heavyweight division have been calling for Jon to be stripped of his title. I don’t think Jon even cares about being the “light” heavyweight champion anymore given he’s been at the top of the same mountain for over a decade.

The heavyweight division, hands down, will always be considered the most dominating division over any other. Doesn’t mean other weight classes don’t have the skills to defeat heavier opponents, it just means a heavier opponent has the natural capability of carrying more weight, granting one more striking power along with more grappling strength. That’s why we have weigh-ins and weight classes, so things can be fair across the board. With that being said, being a heavyweight champion ‘alphas’ being a light heavyweight champion, and right now Jon Jones is not the alpha. After reading his last tweet, Jon appears to be gearing up to gain some weight, and I think it’s only a matter of time before we get the first fight announcement where he will compete as a heavyweight. Will Jon Jones be able to dominate the heavyweight division the way he dominated the light heavyweight division?