How Much “Should” One Pay To Do Yoga?

How much does it cost to do yoga, or how much should I pay? It’s a common, fair question among ‘non-yogi’s’ or those who’ve never tried a yoga class, however sometimes the cost measures closer to the market value given by the community. On some occasions, certain studios would allow payment by donations, or even an energy exchange system of compensation, nevertheless, in my area, a walk-in yoga session is going to run about $18 (US Currency). Most establishments offer an incentive to become a member for a small fee, in exchange to pay less for future classes. When given the option to pay less for a class, there is more money required upfront towards the member fee, which helps the studio in acquiring more returning students.

When I began teacher training I felt yoga should be free to share with the world, as we are just breathing together, while one leads the organized dance. I would hold free classes in parks, and on the beaches, whenever the opportunity presented itself. It was more for me to practice as it was in the middle of the teacher training, so technically I wasn’t teaching. I then learned the value in preparation, especially when it comes to creating a space allowing students to experience my energy in a way channeled specifically for their well being. Nothing was ever rehearsed, however the effort in showing up varied upon circumstances. The practice to be so fulfilling that the value exceeds the cost, thereby raising the bar every time the instructor has to show up. Collecting payments felt so rewarding afterwards, especially with the gratitude that came from students on how much they enjoyed the class. What they enjoyed is my heart which i place in front my thoughts and instructions, without any hope or fear, just being a being with a specific purpose for the time allotted. I always felt honored when the classes filled to the max, and never once got excited on how much more income I would be accumulating. The icing on the cake is the unexpected abundance from what has been radiating from ones own frequency.

There is a great value in the art of holding space, connecting with a group, and creating an experience. Some will have a better experience than others, however everyone will pay the same amount, so that requires the instructor to provide an overall fulfilling experience. For every fulfilled mind there is a gratitude which can be valued at a different cost from different perspectives, setting the cost adds the needed intention in a prosperous fashion. The instructor has the ability to set that cost for it is the instructor who knows what is intended for the practice. I’ve never paid more than $25 for a yoga class, all have been satisfying, and some have included sound healing baths. Whether one is a beginner, intermediate, or experienced, it’s not a crazy market when it comes to going out to find an affordable class. Although the COVID-19 restrictions have ceased many yoga studio operations in certain areas, one can expect to pay anywhere between $15 – $30 dollars, for a yoga class today in modern day America.