UFC Fight Island Hits Grand Slam Home Run

It was the top of the 9th inning on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, mid-summer, July 2020. The UFC has two men out, positive for COVID-19, bases loaded with 3 successfully completed events in 8 days, as they hit another home run in their 4th event, which took place the following week on July 25, 2020. This makes it a grand slam debut for UFC’s Fight Island, as all events were completely outstanding from early preliminary cards to the main cards. All the fighters involved, having to go through the time changes, lack of sleep, grueling quarantines, then testing, then quarantine again, and to top it off having to cut weight, were able to adjust with the madness. Win or lose everyone who competed is an absolute savage just for being a part of it. As fans we really don’t know how much of a mental drain any distraction can be, so I can only imagine how the journey is to fight on Fight Island, for any random UFC fighter. I’m sure every story will be different but at the end of the day everyone showed up, and performed.

Outside the cage, the people involved, the analyst, broadcasters, commentators, camera men, security, and everyone employed having to be there for their selective duty, also deserves major worldly credit. This proves the UFC is in fact an organization that knows what the hell they are doing. We’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic, however these fight guys continue to put on fights, and now have a private Island to showcase more amazing events. The excitement behind Fight Island, before it came into fruition, is exactly the same now after the unveiling. It is now excitement with added intention, since we got to witness first hand what one can expect. I expect to see great fights when I tune in to a UFC event, it comes with the territory, and the organization has ensured a way for them to continue to put on shows, even if there was another lock down. Now that we have Fight Island, yes I said we, it belongs to all of us, everyone can have peace of mind knowing the fights will still go on. The UFC has evolved with the times, continuing to move forward, keeping their fans happy regardless the hurdles that lie in front of them. After years of success as the top MMA promotion in the world, and now with the inclusion of UFC Fight Island on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, it does’t get any better than this for anyone who is employed by Dana White.