Why All MMA Fighters Should Do Yoga

It’s no surprise, the calm fighter is usually the tougher opponent in any situation. A clear head with a clear mind is a much more clear road to victory. Dominance can be obtained from brute force, relentless will, and the heart of a warrior, however one can be victorious without any of those elements if the practice of being still is constantly trained. That’s all yoga really is. It’s not so much about the stretching or asanas, which is beneficial in so many aspects, however the purpose of those poses with the stretching, is all for the preparation to be able to sit still, for meditating. Quieting the mind to become still creates a powerful awareness within anyone who decides to do so on a regular basis. It will build a different kind of awareness for any individual especially if engaging in a professional combat sport. The ability to stay calm, without the thought of having too, allows one to think steps ahead of their opponent. Several fighters are born calm in their demeanor, and already have a natural sense of stillness which can be further awakened.

Many fighters who do not do yoga, practice breathing exercises to better enhance their bodies during the times of needed stamina and endurance . If the yoga asanas were introduced to those fighter’s daily practice, all the other training’s would not only get better, but there will be an extra durability within the physical attributes of the fighter. Hitting the pads would be smoother with more effect, sparring would feel lighter and less exhausting. The body is put through hell during training, and the yoga simply builds the mind with body together for the hell. During recovery days, a yoga practice will stimulate the needed energy to allow the the blood to flow through the muscles which are damaged, and in need of repair. Those yoga stretches are exactly what the body needs during a time of rehabilitation. As well as the stretching, there are balancing poses which helps train ones ability to maneuver one leg off the ground in any direction, while the other stays planted. Very beneficial for anyone who likes to throw kicks.

Training the body to balance, while the muscles are going through a repair phase, is an evolutionary aspect of training. The body will be continuously learning as its healing, thereby adjusting physically to compliment the needed attributes. Earth species are designed in a way to evolve as needed based on the environment through time and circumstances. The science behind human evolution is extraordinary, and if you haven’t noticed, the fight game has evolved tremendously. Fighters have transformed to becoming masters on every aspect of the competition, whether it be on the feet or on the ground. It’s no longer just a grappler or striker stepping inside the cage. These days everyone is well rounded with the ability to go wherever the fight goes, which means everyone has no choice but to continue evolving. What better way to evolve than to add a yoga practice into the training regime? Not just for the fighter, yoga for the trainers and coaches, so now the entire fight team evolves into the calmest killers anyone could ask for. Behind every great fighter, there usually sits a very great team, and having a team of yogi’s on anyone’s corner is guaranteed success.