Dana White Saves Mankind

Mankind has been on a downward spiral heading toward extinction for quite some time, especially now with forced isolation accompanied with regulated social distancing. Elderly people are slowly becoming extinct while the younger generations are no longer allowed to have sex. The planet has never been in a more foul state with man on a depletion walking backwards on its own existence, however there is one man who continues to walk forward into the darkness of uncertainty. A man who has placed all of his eggs into the same basket for years, and to this date continues to do so, even during a plague. When the world shuts down, this man wakes up only to think “I don’t give a f#@k”, and continues going up against all the odds. He can’t please everyone, however Dana White has pleased millions of fight fans throughout the years with the MMA shows he’s put on. People have been going crazy, forced into isolation inside their homes, and to top it off, no one is allowed to watch, or play their favorite pass time. Right now, while no other professional sport is showcasing events, White has continued to provide outstanding entertainment across the world.

The UFC has always had a vision on which was never given up on, even during the times when the organization wasn’t making any money. The team involved with the selfless efforts, continuing to make things happen behind the scenes, are the ones we can be thankful for. We all know its not just White that makes all the decisions, making things happen putting on amazing fights, but he has been the face always on front street, as the voice of the organization. When the Corona virus quarantine went into effect, White continued to assure fight fans, there will be fights to soon air on television and pay-per-view, along with a private Island. Ultimately, White was able to pull off what was considered the impossible, which was showcasing mixed martial arts, and still be able to comply with state regulations in preventing the spread of the virus. The shows have continued to go on, better than ever to this date, and Fight Island has a grand opening date of July 11, 2020, showcasing UFC 251 with possibly 3 championship matches scheduled on the card.

Do you know just how many domestic violence calls, and suicide attempts these UFC events have been preventing? I don’t either, but I can only speculate the amount of joy across the world during the Josh Emmett versus Shane Burgos fight, or when Billy Quarantillo went after the Alpha Ginger, and let’s not forget the beheading of Raphael Assunção by Cody Garbrandt. Since the beginning of professional sports in 1876, athletes have evolved along with how people show love for sports has evolved, and there had never been another time when sports was taken away from the people like this. Sports networks, along with team organizations are loosing millions of dollars as we speak, while Dana White continues to pay his fighters, and put on shows. Where would ESPN, their employees, and executives be right now if there were no UFC events to broadcast? Behind every broadcast, ESPN highly benefits, so if one really thinks about the entirety of the situation then one would realize how much of a crusade mission Dana White has been on. The world absolutely needed this, and one could argue, had White not continued to move forward in putting on these amazing shows, mankind by now would be on the verge of extinction.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash