The Deathstar Submits Violent Bob Ross

On June 27, 2020, at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas, Nevada, Khama ‘The Deathstar’ Worthy, 16W 6L pulls off a spectacular guillotine choke in the middle of the 3rd round against the crafty Luis ‘Violent Bob Ross’ Pena, 8W 3L. This contest was close as both men were at a high pace from the opening bell, landing strike for strike, countering and keeping good distance. In the 2nd round things went to the ground, Pena clearly had the advantage in controlling Worthy while attacking with several submission attempts. Pena was able to get into a full mount, as well as taking Worthy’s back on more than one occasion. Worthy displayed excellent defense on the ground, reversed position a few times, and showed he was ready for a dog fight. Things felt pretty even going into the 3rd round, and after 2 minutes in, Pena was able to close the distance getting into a clinch, forcing an attempted takedown. As he went for the single leg from the clinch, he somewhat ended up on the ground with Worthy dropping huge elbows onto the side of his head. This might have stunned Pena, as he tried to get back to his feet, Worthy sneaked in the guillotine choke, “modified”, as former champion now commentator, Michael Bisping, stated. Pena tried his best to adjust position however due to his long frame, it also gives him a longer neck to easily have someone rope their arms around it the way Worthy did. It was a learning lesson for Pena, as Worthy knew he had the choke locked in while they hit the canvas, forcing Violent Bob Ross to tap. This puts The Deathstar on a 7-fight winning streak, however the competition only gets much tougher from here, in the UFC’s infamous lightweight division.