Mike Perry Shuts Up All The Critics

Last night at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas, Nevada, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry, 14W 6L, steamrolls his opponent, Mickey Gall, 6W 3L, showing the fight world, he only needs Latory Gonzalez in between rounds. Weeks before the fight, Perry announced he will only have his girlfriend at his corner, and doesn’t need anyone else. Fans and critics, as well as Mickey Gall, were very critical in his decision to not have any cornermen. Perry knew all along exactly what he needed, as he delivered a great performance in shutting down Gall wherever the fight went. Perry showcased he was the better grappler, as well as the more powerful striker. Kudos to Gall, he came ready, landed a lot of hard shots, and brought the action to Perry as best as he could, however it was not enough. Perry displayed overpowering strength as he hunted Gall down for the entire fight, smashing, bashing and grabbing for a full 15 minutes. Gall learned the hard way it’s a nightmare to be on your back, with Platinum Mike Perry fully mounted on top of you, and dropping elbows. One of the best ground-and-pound beatings I’ve seen in a long time, and I give full credit to Gall being tough as nails surviving the onslaught. In the end Perry would win by unanimous decision, and end up giving the best post-fight speech he has ever delivered. Sometimes, having the right woman by one’s side is all a man really needs, especially during times of hard work, training, and prepping for a fight. It’s official, his beautiful girlfriend, Latory, is the ‘Platinum Good Luck Charm‘, and I can’t wait to see them both back inside the octagon!