Who Would Be The UFC Women’s BMF Champion?

Since the crowning of the UFC’s BMF Champion, Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal, 35W 13L, I’ve wondered who would be regarded as the female version of that same caliber. We’re not talking greatest of all time status, that would obviously be Amanda Nunes, 20W 4L, but we are talking “baddest female MOFO” which is the kind of fighter that is extra game and likes the taste of blood. A woman that laughs at smack talk and responds with violence like if someone’s trying to eat from her plate. An absolute monster when let loose inside the cage, as well as a master technician of mixed martial arts. A fighter’s fighter, so to speak, and I have two females in mind that would fit for an appropriate battle to determine who could be the UFC Women’s BMF Champion.

These two females are Joanna Jędrzejczyk, 16W 4L, and Maycee ‘The Future’ Barber, 8W 1L. Jędrzejczyk, has and always been regarded as the “Boogeywoman” of MMA, a nightmare assassin in the women’s strawweight division. For years she’s dominated the division forcing her opponents to bow-down, as Barber, who’s finished almost all of her opponents, would never bow-down to anyone, knows no fear, and is confident she will still become the youngest champion in the history of MMA. In my opinion, these are the two ‘baddest’ women in the game who stylistically would make for an amazing match-up against anyone, which is why a flyweight BMF title bout between the two would be epic. Neither woman has ever been in a boring fight, and when the pressure is on, they both turn into unbreakable diamonds. If anyone argues otherwise that’s to be expected, many people argued the contenders for the last and only BMF match-up, as Dana White assured everyone it would be a ‘one-and-done’. We actually can thank the top welterweight contenders at the time, for stalling a championship bout causing for the creation of a BMF title fight. Although the fight would end by doctors advice from a cut, with one competitor showing dominance over the other, fans were left with a bitter taste from the stoppage. We all know anything can happen in a fight, and anyone can always come back until we hear the final bell. What better way to re-excite the one-and-done BMF title, than to introduce the female version of it? Who knows if the UFC would ever consider a women’s BMF championship, but if they did, who would you want fighting for that title and why?