Why Are MMA Journalists The Biggest Nerds?

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

Nerds; the other “N” word; yeah I said it and I can because I am one too; a reflection on myself which i can easily identify on others. I utilized my nerd abilities to build this site and share it with the World. The questions on my my mind are: how did some of these journalists get into writing articles on mixed martial arts anyway? Was it due to the rising popularity and all the attention the sport has been getting? It definitely wasn’t because of how much they love it, it’s more likely on how easy it is for them to trash it. The minute a fighter or a fighters coach makes a mistake these MMA journalists are quick to chop it up into pieces, critiquing out their south mouth not knowing one bloody thing about fighting. I’ve seen some of these so called journalists, and from the looks of it, most of them don’t appear to know anything about fitness or health, however they have a platform that allows them to showcase bias opinionated criticisms on activities never attempted. To be clear, not all journalists are waiting for that pivotal fighter downfall story, there are few good ones out there that write what the people need to hear, however not enough of them exist. What I find interesting is there are individuals getting paid to write about things they no nothing about.

Even though fighters train hard for weeks on end, when it comes time to perform, the slightest miscalculated decision can cost them everything. As fans we don’t really know what happens behind the scenes, especially when it comes to a fighters health or injuries, we only expect these athletes to perform at the highest level, all the time. When that doesn’t happen, the MMA journalists all jump to action wanting to explain to the World, in their version, highlighting the negative side of the situation. People need to hear about the positive and great things fighters are doing as opposed to publishing stories on their downfalls or mistakes. Everyone is human therefore everyone will never be perfect. Fighters train so hard sacrificing everything, especially time away from their families, putting their lives on the line for a paycheck, as well as to give the fans a great show. I cringe at most of these questions being asked during post fight press conferences, especially when a fighter loses. My first question to any fighter that just lost by decision, be it unanimous, split, or whatever, is: do you feel the judges made the right decision? My first question to any fighter that lost, but was finished, be it KO, TKO, submission or whatever, is: how soon can we expect you back inside the octagon? Fair questions to say the least instead of the rhetorical ones asking what happened. If the fighter got knocked out or forced to tap, I doubt their explanation about it is going to make them, or their fans feel any better about it. That’s why a lot of fighters don’t like press days or media conferences. They know they’re going to be sitting through a lot of dumb-ass questions from a bunch of nerds that don’t know anything about fighting. It’s time for a huge change in the MMA journalism world, which brings me back to my question from the beginning: who sends these nerds to the cage fighting events and how can i get in on this nerd action?