Tecia Torres Unleashes The Tiny Tornado

On June 20, 2020 at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC strawweight contender, Tecia ‘The Tiny Tornado’ Torres, 11W 5L, put on one hell of a striking clinic, when she went up against a very durable, Brianna ‘Tha Bull’ Van Buren, 9W 3L. Both women showed grit throughout the entire fight, however Torres was on another level when it came to striking. She was very active throughout each round unloading kicks from her tool box, mixing it up with an array of jumping kicking attacks, including an ax-kick that came from left field. Van Buren was in the fight from the beginning, strong with the clinch, landed a few good shots and was able to take Torres down early in the first round. There was even a crafty elbow or two from ‘Tha Bull’ later in the fight, that landed while going for a single leg, but it wasn’t enough against the ‘Tiny Tornado’. Once Torres was able to get out of each clinch, she let loose with some nasty kicks that began echoing throughout the empty arena. From the beginning of the 2nd round, Torres went after it, landing combinations of kicks after kick, which didn’t appear to phase Van Buren, she showed she’s a warrior, but the shots were landing beautifully. In round 3 Torres turned up the pace, blitzing with precision and speed, landing strikes at will, always staying one step ahead of Van Buren. She made a huge statement in dominating ‘Tha Bull’ for the majority of the fight, and also having one of the best performances of her career. All three judges scored the contest 30 – 27, for the winner, by unanimous decision, Tecia ‘The Tiny Torado’ Torres.