America Can Learn a lot From Bobby Green

UFC lightweight contender, Bobby King Green, 25W 10L 1DR, went from growing up in foster homes to becoming a professional mixed martial artist for the worlds top MMA promotion, the UFC. Bobby recently won a feature bout on June 20, 2020 at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas, Nevada, against UFC’s Hall of Fame legend, Clay the Carpenter Guida, 35W 20L. After getting the unanimous decision, during the post-fight press conference, Bobby asked his father, Jacob Behney, to sit with him while he delivered a strong message:

So, we’ve been fighting, right now in this time in our country, were doing this whole Black Lives Matter, everyone’s fighting everyone’s looting, this is my father, i was born in foster care, I didn’t have a mother or a father they gave me away, my father wasn’t fit to be my father, this is my dad here Jacob Behney. Hes been there since the beginning, he’s done everything he lay this life down for me and I lay this life down for him. I don’t judge any man on the color of their skin, but the content of their character. We’re here we love, it doesn’t matter what color we are, its all about love. You can’t beat hate with hate you beat hate with love. So, everyone out there please stop fighting, please come together, we can’t beat it that way, but with love.

Bobby King Green

As the country divides in protest there are many people like Bobby who continue to promote love as opposed to hate, in the wake of the aftermath, after the killing of George Floyd. There’s a beautiful irony behind a situation so severe that a professional fighter has to tell America to stop fighting. Protesters are getting hurt by aggressive police squads, and innocent businesses like 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Long beach, are being looted. The Black Lives Matter movement didn’t show up without a cause and I agree 100 percent with a peaceful protest. At this stage in humanity one would think we wouldn’t need such a movement however history has led up to this very moment, with America reaping whats being sowed. If mankind was colorblind maybe we wouldn’t be in such a mess of a society where color actually makes a difference. I stand with Bobby Green, he is right; you can’t beat hate with hate, you beat hate with love.