Tyson Nam Packs A Mean Hawaiian Punch

The UFC’s bantamweight division has never been more stacked, and with their newest addition, Hawaii’s rising star, Tyson Nam, 18W 11L 1DR, It’s going to be a tough roster for anyone to climb. Nam entered the UFC as a flyweight going up against the top competitors of the division early, showing he can hang with the very best. He won his UFC bantamweight debut on June 13, 2020 at UFC Vegas 2, in Las Vegas Nevada, knocking out WKU Kickboxing World Champion, Zarrukh Adashev, 3W 2L. It was under a minute into the first round when Nam countered Adashev’s kick with a beautiful right hand that knocked Adashev to the ground. It’s possible the fight could’ve been stopped at that very moment as Adashev appeared dazed with the back of his head on the canvas. Nam immediately followed up with a vicious diving punch attack that landed right on the button, putting Adashev to sleep. Referee Herb Dean, with the cat-like reflexes, jumps in-between Nam at the perfect moment stopping the fight, as Adashev is left unconscious. The sound of Nam’s punches echoed throughout the empty arena, it was scary to watch and hear, as Adashev went down from the impact. This kid Nam has some heavy hands, with 11 knockouts under his belt he packs a really mean punch for his size. Nam was originally scheduled to fight Ryan Benoit, however Benoit withdrew from the bout which gave newcomer Adashev his break into the UFC. Adashev did miss weight by 2.5 pounds forcing the bout to proceed as a catchweight, allowing Nam to score big that night earning a Performance of the Night bonus as well as 20% from Adashev. Nam appears to be the perfect size for the bantamweight division, and with all that heat he carries in those hands, we look forward to seeing another display of Hawaii’s finest inside the octagon.