MMA Fighter Pay Issues Or Not?

Say what you want about fighter pay, at the end of the day it’s between the fighter and the organization. Maybe things are fair in some aspects, maybe not, ultimately the media weighing in, and grilling Dana White can be frustrating as the UFC continues to put on spectacular shows. As a fan of mixed martial arts I’m not going to weigh in and demand answers on why two fighters are not happy, I’m going to continue being grateful for the shows being put on. There are many other fighters out there that need to feed there families, and are happy with the organization. Let’s talk about the incredible finishes and how amazing the fights were, especially during a post fight press conference. We know there are two of the best fighters in the world who’ve pretty much walked off the roster and are not happy with their contracts. We get it, we understand, if it were my vote i’d say give these guys a renegotiation on their deal. One of them, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, 26W 1L 1NC, was due to him wanting to move up in weight where his compensation perspective changed. Understandable, especially if he was told he would get paid more, given the Predator he would be facing, and the other in Jorge Masvidal, 35W 13L, where his situation goes a lot deeper and its more about how much percentage-wise a fighter should be compensated, especially after when compared to other professional athletes. These are two very specific arguments from two very specific fighters. If i had a roster of over 600 fighters and I only had two with these same issues, I wouldn’t be doing too bad. The fighters themselves made it public so the people and fans can know whats going on. I wish both guys were getting paid more money, but i’m not the organization and it is an individual sport. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes in retrospect for both the fighter and the organization. The UFC brand is at the top of the food change however the fighters in the organization showing up is probably the most important aspect. The brand does help build the fighter and the people pay to watch the fighter. Usually it’s the fighters management making decisions so one would have to assume that all fighters managers are looking out for their fighters best interest. Jorge Masvidal isn’t sitting down talking face to face with Dana, his management negotiates with their management. Did Jorge’s manager just ruin his shot at a world title or did he just start the first chapter to the revolution of what will soon be a fighter’s Union?