Julia Avila Unleashed The Raging Panda

Julia “Raging Panda” Avila, 8W 1L, only needed 22 seconds to devour her opponent in Gina Mazany, 6W 4L, at UFC Vegas 2, on June 13, 2020. Avila finished Mazany by TKO with a flurry of punches after landing a beautiful knee to Mazany’s mid-section. Avila entered the bout coming off a 3-fight win streak, now making this 4 straight wins. Her only loss was due to a hand injury in which she tried to hide from the officials. It was night and day from when Avila walked toward the octagon to stepping inside the cage. Avila smiles from ear to ear with a genuine joy on her walkout carrying the harmony of the universe within her presence. She dances freely to the music soundtrack of her life as if no one is watching. When the doors of the octagon close, the Raging Panda explodes and she is a nightmare for anyone standing in front of her. Beware of the 8 limbs on Julia Avila! This woman truly believes nothing can stop her, and after seeing her perform a second time inside the octagon, I’m starting to believe it too.