Old Boy Movie Review

STARRING: Choi Min-Sik

DIRECTED BY: Park Chan-Wook

RELEASE DATE: November 21, 2003

I was truly amazed when I first saw this wicked-crazy demented work of art. Old Boy is a film about a man, Oh Dae-su(Choi Min-sik), who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years without knowing why. The cell he is trapped in resembles an apartment with no windows. It appears to be a regular place to live, nothing out the ordinary so it may seam. The unit is located on one of the top floors of a guarded building. He has a television, bathroom, pictures on the wall, a typical apartment except he could not get out as the front door was locked from the outside. Every night the unit is chemically gassed as he passes out from the fumes while a hazmat crew enters and cleans the entire place. An unknown person brings him a meal that is able to slide under the door everyday. The television is his life, that’s all he has; the people on the shows are his friends, and whichever woman was on television at the time became his girlfriend. After being trapped in the apartment for 15 years, he wakes up outside in the street, finally released, but he has no idea who imprisoned him and why. Now, Oh Dae-su is out for vengeance unaware of the twisted journey that lies ahead, as he vows to find the person responsible for his imprisonment.

Being imprisoned in an apartment for 15 years can change someone into a deranged lunatic. Especially if during those years a lot of time was spent watching martial arts movies, seeking vengeance, and practicing how to fight. This makes Oh Dae-su a different kind of animal to reckon with; an unbreakable force who will stop at nothing to get revenge. Amazing film! I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.