Georges St-Pierre Stays Active Outside The Octagon

UFC legend and arguable mixed martial arts pound for pound best, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, is still an active fitness enthusiast who isn’t afraid to share his training methods with his fans. If you’re not following GSP on Instagram then your missing out on some of the best martial arts style-type workouts that can keep anyone busy, and in shape during this quarantine. GSP demonstrates a wide array of calisthenic exercises from handstands against the wall to underwater shoulder presses. Some exercises are being executed with GSP in a fully tailored suit. He demonstrates how the specific brand doesn’t impose any restrictions on movement allowing him to throw high kicks, and spinning attacks. These exercises can be helpful for anyone that is serious about training as well as for people that just want to find something to do to stay active. If you want to improve physical strength, health and become more active, just like a martial artists, then follow GSP ğŸ˜Ž