Aljamain Sterling Brought The Funk!

It was a flawless victory last night at UFC 250 for the ‘Funk Master’, Aljamain Sterling, 19W 3L. Sterling answered the opening bell like a bat out of hell unleashing a relentlessness forward pressure on his opponent, Corey Sandhagen, 12W 2L. Sterling was able to close the distance immediately getting into a clinch position forcing Sandhagen onto a knee. As Sandhagen got off the knee, the Funk Master immediately took Sandhagen’s back and applied a body triangle with a rear naked choke on the chin; it was jiu-jitsu wizardry. Sandhagen was able to fight his way out to regain a better position however the Funk Master made a few adjustments and eventually was able to get his arm under the chin for a rear naked choke. Sandhagen stood strong however was forced to tap as he went unconscious as soon as he tapped. This put’s the Funk Master in line for a number one bantamweight contender match up and one step closer to a UFC championship.

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