Jorge Masvidal Sends Message To UFC

Photos By @GamebredFighter On Twitter

Jorge GameBred Masvidal has fired multiple shots on twitter to his current employer, the UFC. The first shot came in on June 2, 2020, Masvidal posted on his twitter: “Shouldn’t be this hard to get a deal done #fuckery”. Then on June 5, 2020, Masvidal pulled out the burner letting off several warning shots to Dana and company (all shots posted on slideshow above from Masvidal’s twitter). It’s been over 6 months since his last fight and we all thought we would see Masvidal fight by now for a welterweight championship against Kamaru Usman. Both Usman and Masvidal have been blaming each other for the fight not happening, however Masvidal now questions the UFC and their integrity. In the end Masvidal has publicly requested a release from the UFC given he had independent contract status with the freedom to go wherever he chooses.