Chookagian Gets Revenge On Shevchenko

Photo By @blondfighter On IG

On May 30, 2020, Katlyn Chookagian, 14W 3L, put on one of the best performances of her career, at UFC on ESPN 9, against Antonina Shevcheko, 8W 2L. Chookagian’s prior match was for the UFC Women’s Flyweight Championship against Antonina’s sister, Bullet Valentina Shevchenko, in which Chookagian lost the bout in the 3rd round via TKO. The outcome was much different for Chookagian who displayed nothing but dominance when fighting Antonina as she took Antonina down in the first round and controlled her the entire round. She landed some good ground-and-pound strikes along with submission attempts trying to choke-out Antonina several times. Antonina displayed amazing heart and great submission defense surviving the round. The 2nd round was very similar to the first, Chookagian was able to take Antonina down and into a full mount controlling the entire round landing hard strikes. The round would end with Chookagian on full mount position dropping bombs on Antonina. Antonina again survives, displaying true grit after over 8 and a half minutes of top control from Chookagian. The 3rd round Chookagian decided to keep things on the feet as Antonina started to catch a rhythm, and was able to land some strikes mixing it up with a beautiful ax-kick. It was a great back and forth display of high level striking until Chookagian was able to score a takedown at 30 seconds left in the fight. The fight would end the way the first two rounds ended, with Chookagian on top control landing nasty strikes. All three judges score it 30 to 25, for your winner by unanimous decision, Katlyn “Blond Fighter” Chookagian.