The Ninja

The ninja, also known as shinobi, were hired assassins that were also used as spies and messengers during the Sengoku period in Japan. It was a time in Japanese history where there was a lot of violence and political turmoil. The ninja was an expert practitioner in Ninjutsu, utilizing those skills when hired to spy and scout for the territorial lords, the Daimyo. The ninja was highly noted for their deception and use of stealth, which was essential for escaping large groups as needed or avoiding confrontations. They were the sneakiest, yet most deceptive warriors waging irregular warfare that was deemed dishonorable and beneath the Japanese warrior code, Bushidō. They were mercenaries for hire that did not honor a code but more of a duty to the Daimyo that hired them. There are a few stories on fallen samurais becoming ninjas, however despite all the fairy tales it has been asserted that ninjas were recruited from the lower class. Nobody in town gave a shit on who was behind the mask because the moral values of the ninja is seen as the reason why they hide their face and move in secret. It is known there is no honor or glory for their services yet they still agree to complete the tasks for money. The ninja would eventually become a topic of popular folklore and myth, fading into obscurity after Japan unified in the 17th century. The ninja from 15th century Japan’s Sendoku period is somewhat different from the ninja we see today that runs obstacle courses and wins prizes.