Fist Of Fury Movie Review

Starring: Bruce Lee

Directed by: Wei Lo

Year: 1972

Bruce Lee’s 2nd major film, Fist of Fury a/k/a The Chinese Connection, has been regarded as one of the best martial arts movies ever made. Set in Shanghai in the early 1900’s, Lee plays Chen Zhen, a Jingwu student who returns home to marry his fiance, Yuan Li’er, but upon his arrival he walks in on his masters funeral. During the funeral, a Japanese clan from a dojo in Hongkoau district taunted Chen and their entire school, bringing them a fight challenge along with a sign that stated, “Sick Man of East Asia”. The sign was a huge insult towards the Jingwu school’s recently passed master, Huo Yuanjia, The Jingwu students wanted to honor their teachers funeral and did not accept the challenge to engage with the Japanese. Chen would later, on his own, make his way to the Japanese dojo in Hongkoau district to return the sign, and fight all the students along with the head instructor. It was one of Bruce Lee’s classic fight scenes which was re-imagined in the hit film from 1994, Fist of Legend, starring Jet Li. Chen was told his master died of an illness, however his devastation led to his suspicions which eventually started to uncover truths behind the death of his teacher. A vigilante seeking revenge kind of feel, while showcasing beautiful martial arts techniques throughout the entire film. Fist of Fury gets a solid 5 out of 5 stars; a must see kung fu flick for any martial arts fan.

Chen Zhen as he faces the head instructor from the dojo in Hongkoau district