Anthony Smith Raised By Lions

Photo by @lionheartasmith On IG

There has been major controversy after the UFC light heavyweight main event on Wednesday May 13, 2020, between Glover Teixeira, 31W 7L, and Anthony “Lionheart” Smith, 33W 15L. MMA fans, analysts, experts, you name it, argued the fight should have been stopped a lot sooner for the sake of Smith’s health and well-being. The fight started off in Smith’s favor as he executed slick striking utilization his jab, sticking and moving on Texeira. Smith was successful in landing some great shots as Teixeira was trying to close the distance. First round was all Smith as he stayed busy and set up most of his strikes beautifully. Round 2 started very similar to 1 with Smith being the busier fighter, staying active and throwing more shots; even attempted a spinning elbow that barely missed. As the round progressed Teixeira was starting to block more of the shots, finding Smith’s rhythm, and landed a few bombs of his own. At the end of the 2nd round both fighters appeared exhausted; Teixeira even dropped his mouthpiece onto his hand due to the impact from Smith’s final blow before the horn. Round 3 is where things took a turn for the worst, as Teixeira landed a clean uppercut that appeared to immediately begin bothering Smith’s eye. Teixeira smelled blood so he didn’t hesitate to blitz with a punch combination that landed and dropped Smith to the canvas. Teixeira secured top position for the rest of the round on a covering-up Smith, and started to land some really nasty ground-n-pound. This is where many say the fight should have been stopped, the first time; however Smith was intelligently defending himself through a 4 minute onslaught from Teixeira. At the end of the 3rd round Smith was severely damaged already sustaining major injuries in his face. He barely recovered in between rounds but with the heart of a lion he went on to answer the bell to start the 4th. Smith was still in this fight, still dangerous, and was landing hard shots on Teixeira in the beginning of the round. Teixeira would eventually catch Smith early in the round, and dropped him back on the canvas from lethal punches. This, again, is where all the fans and experts say the fight should have been stopped. Smith was taking a severe beating on the ground. I’ll admit it wasn’t fun to watch; however he never panicked, and defended as well as he could, intelligently. While Teixeira was grappling Smith, holding position, dropping heavy punches, you can see Smith hand something to the referee, Jason Herzog. It was his teeth! He handed it to him so relaxed like it was no big deal. At the end of the 4th round Smith told his corner “my teeth are falling out”. This man was dismantled, beaten and probably broken in so many places, but his heart had no quit in it. Smith stood up for the 5th and final round ready to fight as his corner men kept telling him to “need to sell-out”. It wasn’t long before Teixeira backed him against the cage to then land some shots where eventually Smith was back on the ground, and referee, Jason Herzog finally stepped in to stop the fight. Smith looked like he was willing to die in there, and that’s the problem a lot of his fans and colleagues alike are having. Why didn’t his corner save him from himself, is the question everyone is asking. That’s not a question for me to worry about, or for anyone else for that matter, that’s really up to Anthony Smith if he feels it’s something to worry about. At the end of it all he’s the one stepping inside the cage; only his opinion, and I would imagine his wife’s as well, is what matters. With a nickname like Lionheart, Anthony Smith proved he is exactly who he says he is, which is very rare for any fighter on the roster. Wishing Lionheart a healthy recovery, and acknowledging his unwillingness to quit inside the octagon.