Kevin Holland Wins: FLAWLESS VICTORY

Photo by @trailblaze2top On IG

It took middleweight contender, Kevin “Trail Blazer” Holland, 17W 5L, just under 40 seconds to finish his opponent, Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez, 7W 2L 1NC, with a flawless TKO victory, at UFC Fight Night Jacksonville. The event took place on Saturday May 16, 2020, and was the last of 3 events which took place within an 8 day time span. Hernandez wasn’t able to land a single shot, as Holland danced his way landing a “quarantine” elbow, and then followed with a knee to the body, dropping Hernandez to the canvas. As Hernandez went down Holland unleashed a barrage of unanswered punches which forced the referee to get in there and save him. Holland was smiling the entire fight. From the walkout, to post victory speech he was joyful; effortless actions; a smooth operator. He walks with confidence accompanied with a harmony which is the vibe to his own beat of life. Some people instinctively know that walking with a positive rhythm will always grant you success, and it appears Kevin Holland is one of those people. A happy warrior to say the least, Holland is a kung fu fighter and also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Travis Lutter. He can go wherever the fight needs to go and adapt to the worst storm. The first time i seen this guy fight I knew there was something special about him. His official debut in the UFC was in 2018 against the now light heavyweight top contender, Thiago Marreta Santos, at UFC 227. Although Holland lost the fight by decision, he came out alive without much damage. Santos usually knocks out or finishes his opponents in a terrifying fashion but by the end of their fight Santos was smiling at Holland’s efforts. Holland showed he can hang with the very best and after his last flawless victory, it’s only a matter of time before we see a ranking next to his name.