UFC Delivers 3 Events As Promised!

It’s been an amazing week for the combat sports world and we have the UFC to thank for it. Putting on 3 events which started on Saturday May 9, 2020, UFC 249 was the first live broadcast sports event since the COVID-19 quarantine. In an empty arena with no crowd, the shows were still a success, providing entertainment across the world to all combat sports fans. The 2nd event, UFC Fight Night, was held within 3 days, Wednesday, May 13, and the 3rd, UFC Fight Night, proceeded as planned 2 days later, Saturday May 16th, 2020. All events were held in Jacksonville, Florida and all delivered a great night of action packed fights. Many were skeptical the events would even take place, and some even criticized the organization for continuing to put on the shows. The UFC stood their ground and moved forward with their shows whether you liked it or not. And many were glad they did as the numbers show there was a large population of people tuning in for every fight on every given night. It appears all the needed medical precautions and measures were taken per the COVID-19 restrictions. Only one fighter, Ronaldo Jacare Souza, came out positive for the virus days before the first event and since then there hasn’t been any other known cases. Souza has since made a full recovery and is now in good health. The UFC was able to accomplish what every other sports organization thought was impossible. Putting on a great event to entertain the world, that’s just what they do. I look forward to their next event, UFC 250, which is scheduled for June 6, 2020, don’t miss it!