Paulo Costa Is On The Championship War Path

Photo by @borrachinhamma on IG

Holding an undefeated mixed martial arts record of 13 wins and no losses, Paulo “Borrachinha” Costa has been on a war path of destruction in the UFC middleweight division. With his most recent win against the other most scariest guy in the division in Yoel Romeo, Costa is said to be next in line for a title shot against the current champion, Stylebender Israel Adesanya. Costa, a Brazilian native, speaks English very well and has a charisma very similar to that of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. And just like the Terminator, he’s built with a body that was carved by the war Gods themselves. Costa is massive for the middleweight division, and packs crazy power behind his punches. He finished all of his opponents except Romero, in which his warrior spirit was on display that night for their three round smash fest. There’s not many people that can engage in a back and forth brawl with Romero and come out alive. Costa was stalking Romero the entire fight taking punishment too give punishment. It’s one of my personal favorites of all time that I can watch over and over again. Costa brings a style of his own which he promises to enforce when he goes up against the Stylebender. Stylebender was criticized for his last performance against Romero however Romero was blamed for the stale fight. On many interviews Costa has been voicing his opinion on how he felt it was Stylebender that did not want to engage with Romero, and that everyone knows you have to take the fight to Romero. One thing is for sure, it does not matter who you place inside that octagon if he’s being matched up against Costa. He trains like an intelligent animal preparing for the worst storm to come. I personally believe he walks with a genuine harmony which attributes to his confidence and success. During his fight with Romero he was smiling during the exchanges, engaging with the fans and even complimenting Romero. When one can create music and a joyful rhythm of motion in everything they do it will always be positive. He is a happy warrior and a happy warrior will always have the advantage, ask Roxanne Modafferi. There’s a deadly war path that’s feeling so positive coming for the current champion in Stylebender, and his name is Paulo “Borrachinha” Costa.