Mike Tyson is “Back”!

Photo by @miketyson on IG

If you are a boxing fan then this is probably the most unexpected update since the destruction of Deontay Wilder. Iron Mike Tyson is back, his words not mine, after a recent video uploaded on his Instagram, revealing a terrifying and ferocious training sequence. If you were like me, and got to witness first hand the Iron Mike Tyson era, then you’d understand why this is such a big deal. Tyson, at 53 years of age, has already been offered millions to fight for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, and is rumored to be preparing for an exhibition match. At this point we really don’t care what type of combat structure we just want to see him compete at a level close to where he was in his prime. It won’t do us any good to watch an old tired Mike Tyson step into any arena or into any ring, however an old, re-sharpened killer, as it may appear on his video uploaded today, is something die hard boxing fans would pay to watch. It’s amazing what the outcomes may bring from isolation if that being the cause, but it looks like Iron Mike is utilizing his quarantine time wisely.