Henry Cejudo Has Officially Retired From MMA

After an impressive victory at UFC 249, Henry “Triple C” Cejudo has officially announced his retirement in mixed martial arts. Finishing on top as the current UFC bantamweight champion, Cejudo had an impressive MMA record of 16 wins with only 2 losses. He also won and defended the featherweight title prior to that, in 2 of his last 6 bouts, making him a two division champ in the organization. Cejudo had his first MMA bout in 2013, before that he was one of the best wrestlers in the world, with a long list of championship credentials. In 2008 he was the youngest athlete to win a gold medal in freestyle wrestling for the summer Olympics in Beijing. That’s a pretty big deal. He was also the state champion every year he attended high school, and while he was still in school, he won the USA Wrestling national freestyle championship. And that not being half of his credentials, Henry Cejudo has the best combat sports resume in the history of all combat sports. He went from being called The Messenger to Triple C, to then Triple Cringe, and now the greatest combat sports athlete in the history of all combat sports. Is that just my opinion, or is that a fact the combat sports world is willing to accept?