The Scariest Nicest Guy in MMA

Photo by @francisngannou on IG

We’ve all seen that movie The Predator, came out in the 80’s, had that big beast alien hunter killer ripping apart a bunch of machine gun toting body builders hiding in the jungle. That was just a movie but in MMA we have a real life human predator knocking out almost everyone he faces, and his name is Francis Ngannou. Officially nicknamed, The Predator, Ngannou stands at about 6′ 4″, and weighs in at about 261 pounds with 15 wins, 3 losses; currently ranked as one of the top three contenders in the UFC heavyweight division. Last night he added a new vision to the term destruction when he knocked out, the then undefeated, Jairzinho Rozenstruik in 20 seconds of the very first round. This knockout was a little different, there was some extra mean behind the blitz from Ngannou. He rushed in with a flurry of about three, maybe four punches before one of them landed. It ended with Rozenstruik sitting on his ass upright, completely knocked out, pressed up against the cage. Ngannou looked like he just finished giving him a lap dance of punches, as the referee pulled him off. Rozenstruik was completely knocked out for several minutes before waking up. He was the one that asked for this fight and it’s as if Ngannou wanted to show him what a terrible mistake that was. To some fighters it is borderline insulting, when someone calls you out, however tons of respect was still shown from Ngannou afterwards. As seen here from his Instagram posing with Rozenstruik after the fight. His genuine smile tells only half the story of how nice he really is; Francis Ngannou is not only a gentleman, but also the scariest man in mixed martial arts today.