Dana White Confirms Fight Island is Happening

Photo by JIYAAD OFFICIAL on Unsplash

Dana White has confirmed the UFC is working on building Fight Island. An Island, whose location is yet to be revealed, which will have an octagon on the beach for future fights, along with training facilities for the fighters. “All the infrastructure is going to be built for the UFC to come do fights there”, per White on an Instagram Live interview with MMA Journalist, Brett Okamoto. Since the recent COVID-19 social distancing regulations, the UFC has been the only combat sports organization, let alone the only professional sports organization, to continue promoting fights. It was rumored the UFC was going to purchase a private island; this is no longer a rumor this is now a fact. So, where exactly is this island and when will we get our first UFC Fight Island event? Dana White and company, who I applaud for continuing to push the MMA needle, is not telling just yet.