Staredowns In MMA

Why do opponents stand in front of each other to stare before the fight? The infamous staredown, is usually scheduled and arranged weeks before the fight, sometimes within days of, and always after the official weigh-in. What exactly is the purpose of the staredown? The first one, after the official fight announcement, is usually for the cool promo photo. Also, drama usually sells fights and when two opponents are placed to stare in front of one another for a face-off, drama can build real easy. Some fighters provoke and use the staredown to get into their opponents head. Others are humble or not phased by the antics. Either way, it’s an interesting poke-of-fun towards both competitors being placed on the front stage to see who will keep a better composure as well as be loved more by the fans. We get to see a side of the fighter that is not inside the cage. The staredown is first contact mental warfare in many combat sports. It’s actually funny sometimes depending on the competitors. Everyone is so unique that no one knows what to expect on the day of the official weigh-in, which is the day of the final staredown. The final staredown counts the most; it’s the last time the opponents get to smell each other before their dog fight. Staredowns can be fun, but also dangerous.

Lets not forget the infamous staredown between Jon Bones Jones and Daniel DC Cormier, which led to an all out brawl during a media day event for UFC 178. The minute they allowed these two to get too close it was war! Some would say DC was the one to initiate the first brawl-like blow, however others say Jones made first contact using his head when they first approached each other. Regardless who initiated the altercation, neither fighter is fully aware what’s going through the mind of the other. It’s up to the officials to make sure there is no contact. We’ve all seen the guy take the cheap shot, doing a hard shove or push to the other guy who didn’t expect it. The other guy falls on his ass, embarrassed, to then get up and not be able to do anything. It’s all in good fun and its all part of the fight game right? The fight game has evolved rapidly getting more attention, and has gotten more entertaining. One of the reasons is due to the amazing staredowns we get to witness before the actual fight. I can’t wait to see the next staredowns for the upcoming fights this weekend!