Why Are There So Many Takedowns In MMA?

I have a hard time understanding why there are so many takedowns in MMA. Why is it certain fighters go for a takedown after seeing their opponent get hurt or start to gas out? Is it because all the wrestlers transferring over to MMA have a wicked double leg? Or is it due to the way bouts are scored on giving takedowns extra points? Don’t get me wrong I come from a wrestling background and truly believe it’s the strongest attribute in MMA. There is an art behind a beautiful takedown. There’s nothing like being able to grab your opponent and control them at will. It’s also my understanding a right cross to the chin, or a left hook to the body, would be a more exciting, and a faster approach if trying to end the fight on a worn down opponent. Removing the scoring system and judges from the equation will guarantee the win. I’m no one that’s ever stepped foot inside a professional fight cage so I can understand if my opinion isn’t considered valid. It shouldn’t be actually, however, time and time again we see fighters land big shots then immediately go for a takedown. One of the most noted examples was on October 6, 2018, when Khabib Nurmagomedov fought Conor McGregor at UFC 229 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In round two of the bought, Khabib landed a vicious over hand right that almost dropped Conor, and sent him backwards across the cage. Khabib immediately went for a takedown after he landed that big shot, and ended the round with some brutal ground-n-pound. Many fighters, fans and critiques questioned why Khabib just didn’t finish Conor with strikes. Khabib’s striking appeared as polished as ever and more than capable of finishing McGregor had he went for the knockout. Khabib comes from a wrestling and sambo background like most of the other elite fighters from Dagestan . It’s very possible the takedown was instinctual, due to the pedigree in which he was bred. Let’s not forget Khabib also holds the record for the most takedowns in a UFC bout. A takedown seams to be a deciding factor if the round appears close between two fighters. I can understand when the takedowns are strategic and necessary to change the opinion of the judges. I can also understand if a fighter is not doing too well standing up, then a takedown would be the next best thing.