How Dangerous is MMA?

Photo by Solal Ohayon on Unsplash

MMA is an aggressive combat sport in which bodily injury is common, but not guaranteed; however, how dangerous is MMA really? If you want to know the truth take it from a guy who, during a grappling exchange, popped a couple ribs that took almost a year to fully recover. Or you can just ask any professional fighter. MMA is extremely dangerous. Aside from professional boxing or kickboxing, MMA is arguably the most dangerous combat sport because there is the boxing, kickboxing, and so much more. One must absolutely walk around with a legit insurance plan as a professional fighter. After a fight, it’s very common for one, or both of the combatants to pay a visit to the local hospital. A thrusting kick to the body can fracture a rib or two. A stiff hard jab to the face can break someone’s nose. A slinging overhand punch can knock someone out. That doesn’t sound like anything I want to be a part of, and I’m not even going to get into what an elbow can do. Dangerous is an understatement, these guys are practically fighting for their lives on a kill or be killed scenario. We’ve got one stone cold killer facing another stone cold killer. Some guys leave a piece of themselves in that cage or ring and they are never the same fighter. On December 28, 2013, at UFC 168, Anderson the Spider Silva had one of the most terrifying injuries one could ever endure on national television. He went for a leg kick on Chris Weidman, and Weidman checked it in a way that split Silva’s leg in half! It was like watching the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion back in 1986. I’m still horrified with the image to this day. Surprisingly, Silva recovered fast from the injury, and was back to training in less than a year. If it would have been anyone else their career would have been over. The amount of knockouts that are causing concussions are unreal, so as a fight fan I have to respect the work put in win or lose. I’m guilty because I get excited watching someone get knocked out. In what other sport do you get an opponent that’s literally trying to take your head off using every limb imaginable? On June 7, 2009, at WEC 41, Jose Aldo finished Cub Swanson at the opening bell with a flying knee to the face. One of the most devastating technical knockouts in MMA history. A flying knew to the face is equivalent to a car crash, so, yes, one can make the argument, MMA is very freaking dangerous.