Jessica Andrade is the New UFC Strawweight Queen

It was a tough loss on Saturday night for former UFC Champion Thug Rose Namajunas at UFC 237, which took place in Brazil on May 11, 2019. The newly crowned UFC Strawweight Queen, Jessica Bate Estaca Andrade only needed two rounds to get the job done in defeating Namajunas.
When the fight started, Namajunas was looking outstanding in the first round; light on her feet moving with grace as usual, chipping away at Andrade. Andrade didn’t have an answer for Thug Rose’s precision striking and distance control. At the end of the first round Andrade already looked as if she was in a war, with a busted eye complimenting a bloodied face, and Namajunas had not one scratch. The second round looked exactly like the first up until Andrade was able to get close and clinch with Namajunas. Andrade was able to lift Namajunas from the clinch, and brutally slam her on to her head. After the slam, Andrade landed a couple punches, but Namajunas was already dazed from the slam and unable to intelligently defend. Watching the replay was pretty devastating to see exactly how hard she landed on her head, however she did not appear to go completely out. Namajunas was on her feet just a few moments after the referee stoppage, showing how game she really is. She was able to walk over and congratulate her opponent like the noble warrior we all know and love. After the post victory speech from Andrade, Namajunas gave a heart felt message to the entire country of Brasil. Andrade will now be the second present Brazilian Champion, alongside Two-Division Champion, Amanda Lioness Nunes. Andrade has been on a tear since her debut in the UFC, and it was only as matter of time before she obtained Championship status.