Platinum Mike Perry Gets the Job Done In Florida

Photo by @platinummikeperry on IG

UFC fighter Platinum Mike Perry scored a huge victory over a very game opponent in Alex Cowboy Olivara, at UFC Fort Lauderdale. The fight took place on April 27, 2019 inside the BB&T center, which is about 8 miles from where I currently reside. Perry, who was coming off a loss from a different cowboy in Donald Cerrone, has been on a gritty ride winning six out of ten fights for the UFC. Some guys are born fighters, and others are born lovers, Mike Perry happens to be both. An explosive fighter with knockout power, the Platinum fighter leaves it all inside the octagon on every fight. Perry possesses this very rare brawling style which comes with high level striking and killer instinct. It’s more than just a sprawl and bang with Perry, he has a fight IQ that can give him a chance at knocking out any opponent that stands in front of him. This guy was designed to take someone’s head off, and he’s really good at it. A head-hunter with hands of stone he throws every shot with bad intentions. He’s extremely dangerous on the clinch; the entire time he’s trying to rip his opponents head off, while dropping knees from hell that make contact to the head and body. Before exiting the clinch, he mixes it up with dirty boxing and ferocious elbows from hell that have knocked people out cold. If you sign the dotted line to fight with Mike Perry then you already know he’s coming for blood. When Perry first made his debut inside the UFC Octagon, he had an undefeated MMA record with seven wins and no losses. Perry went on two-fight UFC winning streak then suffered his first loss in his MMA career on December 17, 2016. Now currently with an impressive 14-4 MMA record, and after earning a Fight of the Night bonus on his last bout, Platinum Mike Perry stands to set a new tone in the UFC, by fighting to beat the top contenders in the Welterweight division.