Top 10 MMA Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

#1 – Jon Bones Jones (24-1-1). With a record of 24-1,1 no contest, and currently the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, without a doubt Jones is the greatest MMA fighter in the sport today. The only loss on his record was due to a disqualification from illegal elbows. And lets not forget the over turned ruling against DC due to the banned substance found in his blood. Don’t crucify me for believing the amount of the banned substance found in his blood, in no way would enhance his performance and make him the fighter he is today. I’m not here to judge a persons character; I’m here to watch fights, and this guy always puts on a show with a dominating performance.

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#2 – Daniel DC Cormier (21-1-1). The current UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world. The first UFC fighter to defend the light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles simultaneously. Don’t let the chubby cheeks fool you this guy is the most dangerous Heavyweight in the division and his only loss is to Jon Jones. Some people would argue Cormier is the pound-for-pound best due to Jone’s “tainted” reputation.

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#3 – Khabib The Eagle Nurmagomedov (27-0). With an undefeated record of 27-0, and the current UFC Lightweight Champion, Khabib is climbing up the pound-for-pound rankings in dominating fashion winning every round in all of his fights. After his recent win over the Notorious Conor McGregor, The Eagle has placed himself in the top three of the pound-for-pound rankings.

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#4 – Max Blessed Holloway (20-3). This guy is something special and will eventually be first on the list. Holloway holds multiple records, including the record for landing the most significant strikes in a fight. Currently on a 13-fight winning streak, also the current UFC Featherweight Champion, Max is 20-3 in his mixed martial arts career. Max has dominated the Featherweight division for half a decade with two back to back finishes over the former Featherweight King Jose Aldo.

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#5 – Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson (28-3-1). The former UFC Flyweight Champion, Johnson was the first crowned Flyweight King of the division, and he defended that title 11 consecutive times. The first UFC fighter to finish a guy via suplex into a submission via arm-bar. Johnson was recently traded to One Championship, a mixed martial arts promotion in Singapore, where he won his debut by submission in the second round.

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#6 – Stipe Miocic (18-3). The former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Miocic was the first and only Heavyweight to defend the Heavyweight Crown 3 consecutive times. His last title defense was one of his most impressive performances when he shut down, and exposed the holes, in the Predator Francis Ngannou – a man who everyone thought was unbeatable.

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#7 – Henry The Messenger Cejudo (14-2). Cejudo is the current Flyweight Champion with an impressive 14-2 fight record, and a recent win over Bantamweight King, TJ Dillashaw. Cejudo was The Messenger sent to end the long Championship rein of Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson. Did you know Henry was also an Olympic Gold Medalist?

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#8 – Kamaru The Nigerian Nightmare Usman (15-1). The newly crowned Welterweight King is 15-1 in his mixed martial arts career. His only lost was his second fight back in 2013, and since then he’s been on an unbelievable tare. His last win, in which he won the title against Tyrone Woodly, was his most impressive and dominating performance.

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#9 – Amanda The Lioness Nunes (17-4). Amanda marked her place in the pound-for-pound rankings when she knocked out Chris Cyborg in the first round, and became the first women’s 2-Division Champ. Amanda was already the current Bantamweight Champion with 3 title defenses, and the win over Cyborg won her the Featherweight title.

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#10 – Tony El Cucuy Ferguson (24-3). Riding a 12-fight win streak, Ferguson won the Interim Lightweight Championship belt, but was stripped of the title due to injury. Ferguson is probably the strongest willed fighter in MMA today. With the heart of a dragon, Ferguson has come back from diversity in almost every fight. Ferguson was recently offered another shot at interim gold, however he turned down the offer. I don’t think Ferguson plans on fighting for anymore interim belts.