Bare Knuckle Review

Since the signing of former UFC fighter, Artem Lobov, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is getting a lot of buzz. I Myself didn’t know much about the promotion. I heard about the promotion back when Beck Rawlings joined but I didn’t tune in to any of the fights. Once I heard The Russian Hammer, Artem Lobov, signed with Bare Knuckle FC, there was this immediate child like feeling of excitement. To eventually find out Lobov’s first match up will be against another former UFC veteran in Jason Knight, well, that just added to the excitement. Jason Knight is like The Undertaker Jr. This guy brings it every time with an in-your-face aggressive style. A savage animal when he gets inside that cage. Your telling me two former UFC savages are going to fight one another, bare knuckle inside a ring, with no grappling or kicking allowed? When; where, and what exactly is Bare Knuckle FC? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A fighting promotion with full contact boxing like rules, just without the gloves. A bare knuckle fight. That sounds pretty brutal and it is! There are five two minute rounds for each bout and i really don’t see how a fight can go past the third. On April 6, 2019, Artem Lobov and Jason Knight had their bare knuckle showdown in Mississippi. The fight lasted all five rounds and they both completely smashed each others faces in. Jason Knight’s teeth were literally flying across the ring. Artem Lobov’s face went missing. It was my very first television witnessing, of a bare knuckle fight. I was speechless but also impressed. I’m not sure how i really feel about the safety of these fighters, taking bare knuckle blows to the chin, but a ton of respect for being the warriors that they are. These guys put on a show and The Russian Hammer won the unanimous decision. Both guys left a piece of themselves inside that ring. There were a couple of other match up’s on the card that night, however none were as entertaining as the main event.